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Most Romantic Flowers for The Women You Love

Flowers - Flowers are very romantic especially for the women who want flowers of all shapes and sizes. Greeks believed that through love and passion a woman receives the most beautiful gift from a man and this is what makes flowers so special. Most men think about flowers when they are thinking of the woman they want to propose to but since most women don't put much emphasis on flowers they might as well think about something else. That is why florists around are trying to make your proposal more special by providing you with beautiful flowers that will make your heart burst.

Most romantic flowers are blue or purple and have blossoms that are white, red or yellow. This is true whether the flowers are for a wedding or just a special occasion. The color doesn’t matter so much as the symbolic meaning behind it. Some red roses are especially fiery and romantic. 

For these reasons and more, the following list includes some of the most powerful and exquisite red roses you can find:

Red Roses

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the woman you love, this list of most romantic flowers for the women you love will definitely deliver. Roses have been used for centuries by cultures across Earth to symbolize many things: romance, faith, hope, and even life itself. 

While there is no correct way to represent every aspect of love (or infatuation), these flowers do demonstrate why red is associated with romance in the first place.


Forget about all that romantic nonsense. If you want flowers that will bring a tear to your eye, then trust us – lilies will do the trick. Lilies have been historically associated with emotional intelligence, so it only makes sense that they would make an excellent choice for flaunting your wealth and standing apart from the pack. 

They're also known to be more spiritually charged than other flowers, which makes them a fitting choice for those seeking divine inspiration. If you're seeking flowers that honor your mother, grandmother or other female figure in your life then Lilies can't be beat.


The most romantic flowers for the women you love tell a story – whether they're based on fact or fiction. They reflect the personality and values of both you and your partner. Romantic tulips are not only beautiful, they are also often considered to be a sign of mental health. 

Many cultures place great importance on mental health, with many believing that poor mental health can lead to a variety of negative ailments. Romantic tulips offer you the chance to invest your time and creativity into something that will truly enrich your life.


The delicate camellia is one of our favorite bouquets because it’s such a subtle bouquet. It blends in really well with almost any outfit and just adds little icing on top of your day. The color may not be as bold as some other bouquets, but it definitely stands out and will definitely stand out among other bouquets in your collection. 

It has been said that when you love someone, you are - in a sense - spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful gifts to give them. Due to this, we often find ourselves looking for the most perfect bouquets for our special day. 

And while you wouldn’t necessarily want to spend your hard-earned cash on something that resembles a birthday cake (even though it tastes great at times), sometimes the little things can make all the difference.

Blue Iris

Well, almost. The blue iris has more going on than just that striking color. There's more than a little myth behind it, and it has been handed down through families for generations. But let's start at the beginning.

The blue-eyed flower is considered to be an auspicious omen, meaning it has been associated with love and happiness (hence the name). The story goes that the goddess Athena wanted to see if she could receive any special help from humans in delivering a baby, so she stole some blue eyes from a maid and gave them to a messenger girl. The maid proved so reliable that the goddess decided to name her child after her.


Most romantic flowers are white. This can either be a sign of wealth or great beauty. White flowers suggest that the flower giver is thoughtful and well informed. They also suggest that the couple has an enduring relationship because they have trusted each other with these special moments. White flowers remind us that love can bloom even in the face of adversity or death. 

While it may not be the most popular flower in the world, a white Daisy will always have a special place in the memories of those who have loved someone special for many years. Here are some cool tips on which flowers to use with your wedding


Most romantic flowers are symbolic of love, trust, and romantic consideration. These flowers are used to propose marriage and passion, and are highly appreciated by the recipient. 

For the woman who lives for love, white carnations are highly enticing because they suggest the concept of eternal life, continence, and purity. 

On the other hand, for the man who lives for passion, pink Carnations are highly enticing because they indicate strong sexual attraction and pleasure beyond earthly bonds.

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