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Tips to Dispose of Diseased Plants and Weeds

Houseplant, Gardens - It is common to come across diseased plants in a garden. Some of the diseases occur because of age and some because of unfavorable weather conditions. As a result, the leaves turn crispy, wither and get infected with insects. Although it can be devastating to see your favorite plants and their leaves getting rotten, it is essential to remove them completely. You can't risk other plants getting infected as well.

How to Dispose of Diseased and Damaged Plants?

Bury them Deep

Burying plant parts deep in the ground is one of the safest ways to dispose of them. To allow the fungus and bacteria to decay properly in the soil, pile up the damaged pieces to a depth of at least 3-4 feet in the ground.

Make sure to dig the burial area far away from any other plants, as certain nasty pests take longer to kill and may infect other plants. Also, remember to clean all of your gardening stuff.

Burn them to Ashes

Burning the damaged plant is an excellent option because it effectively kills the unwanted bacteria. If the pile is small enough, you can burn it in your backyard. If the pile exceeds the burning regulations, speak with the authorities.

Note: When there is a strong wind, this method should be avoided because the fire will spread quickly. Also, dangerous plants should never be burned cause they release poisonous gases.

Seal and Drop them in Garbage Cans

One of most effective method is to seal up the damaged plant parts, as this minimizes the digging and burning mess. Make sure you use two garbage bags to ensure a proper and tight seal. Toss them in a garbage can and close the top.

Why You Should Not Compost Diseased Plants?

You should not compost diseased plants. Most of the time it is a good idea to avoid putting diseased parts of the plants in compost, as the same diseases or insects might survive in a heap and then get transferred back to other plants.

On the other hand, you can use weeds in compost without worries.

Is There Any Other Way to Use Damaged Plant Parts?

There are other ways to use damaged plant parts. Some plants will heal themselves if you leave the damaged part on. A few plants will grow even if you just put their roots down into water—they don't need soil at all! If you're lucky enough to have a cutting with a very small root or no root at all, you can stick it directly into the soil and it should still be able to grow.

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