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DIY: Privacy Wall Ideas

Gardens, DIY - Gardens are filled with possibilities. With proper planning and some creativity, privacy can be created in nearly any area of your home. Privacy Walls can create a barrier that not only blocks unwanted views but also traffic and sunlight from entering the area. 

The best privacy wall ideas are creative and original. Unlike traditional ones that are just painted white, these create an impression of being decoratively covered in foliage or natural materials. Also, unlike traditional ones that depict a fence or post, some of these create a sense of movement as you walk by. These types of walls look great over the weekend with nothing on them except for some fresh foliage or perhaps some fresh flowers (in opposing colors).

Why We Should Make Privacy Walls

Creating privacy walls around the house makes it possible for you to enjoy the outdoors when you are not tempted to look at or even talk about your neighbors. These privacy walls can be as simple as placing plastic over the windows or as elaborate as having wooden boards on the windowsills to create a privacy area. 

Privacy walls also give you more control over your business’s presence in your home. If you have a small business with employees present, creating a privacy area can help ensure employees are not distracted from their work. A privacy wall doesn’t mean everyone has to stay away from the window, but it can be a good way to give people a reason not to be distracting themselves from your work.

Feline-Friendly Rooftop

A large wood water tank on the rooftop serves as design inspiration for the adjacent trellis-like enclosure that has deliberately uneven spacing to adjust for privacy, sound, light filtration. The couple's cats won't be able to escape from it.

Elegant Espalier

Want an outdoor space to entertain? Built a fence that framed the perimeter of the yard while also providing privacy. Fences are easy and effective ways to achieve privacy in a yard. For fencing materials, prefers hardwood over softwoods. Because hardwood lasts longer. It is more expensive than a softwood, but it's more durable and nicer. 

If you can't put up fencing, consider planting trees, hedges, or vines.

Elegant Enclosure

If you want to have privacy in a yard, create a room with three or four sides. Unlike the wall inside of a house, an outdoor room can have real or implied walls. A rich, dark wood enclosure adds architectural interest in the garden while providing a cozy seating area with a custom gas fire pit. Plants provide additional privacy.

Vine-Covered Trellis

An outdoor structure, such as a trellis or an arbor, can easily block neighbors' views and add privacy to your yard. Plant a fast-growing vine to quickly get the full effect. A freestanding cedar trellis is part of a design created for a homeowner


There’s a lot to be gained from creating privacy around the home, especially when it comes to entertaining. We want a place where we can retreat when we need to feel less pressure or stress, or need time alone with ourselves. 

Privacy walls are a wonderful way to accomplish both of those things without imposing your expectations on the people around you. They also give you a place to display some of the items that you choose to keep private

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