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Easiest Crops to Grown on Hydroponically

Hydroponics - Hydroponics, one of the most effective methods of growing plants without soil, is not only the most famous method but also one of the most popular ones.

Nowadays, Hydroponics is widely used in various industries across the world. But its popularity is not just because it’s successful, but also because it’s easier to use than traditional soil-based farming. 

Hydroponics has many advantages over traditional farming practices. It doesn’t involve any chemicals or pesticides, so it is very safe for your health. 

Easiest Crops to Grown on Hydroponically

As you’ve probably known, hydroponics is the future. It may have started out as a way to save space, but the possibilities are endless. Why not start growing? I’m going to show you some of the easiest plants to grow on hydroponics, and why they are so great. The plants I’ll suggest are the ones that will be the most successful for you.


The lettuce is one of the hardiest vegetables in the world. It's one of the easiest to grow in Hydroponics because it likes cool temperatures, which helps it survive in the winter when other vegetables might not. It's very easy to take care of but will become crispy if you don't provide enough water.

The lettuce can be grown in almost any Hydroponics system, including aeroponics, ebb & flow, NFT, etc. Another important thing about this vegetable is that it has a short growing cycle so you can harvest your lettuce even at the end of winter. 

To get your lettuce to maturity you just need to give it consistent light and water supply. You can even get your lettuce to grow faster by doing some tricks like adding some nitrates to the soil or adding high nitrogen fertilizers to your hydroponic system.

Favorable temp: cool. pH: 6.0 – 7.0


Hydroponic hobbyists and commercial growers alike agree that the tomato is one of the easiest crops to grow hydroponically. The tomato is an annual plant that does not bloom, but instead produces fruit all year round. 

Hydroponics tomatoes are usually direct seeded, meaning they are planted in small gardens just like any other type of crop. Seeds are either bought or saved from previous growing season and then transplanted into individual pots, or "basket systems".

Basket systems provide a very easy way for beginners to start growing hydroponically. They are perfect for those people who do not have much time to grow their own vegetables or want to grow tomatoes hydroponically for their own personal use. They are also perfect for those who do not have much space to grow their own food but still want to take care of their health by eating healthy foods. 

There are many types of basket systems available in the market; all you need to do is choose wisely according to your needs and budget.

Favorable temp: hot. pH: 5.5 – 6.5


Kale is certainly one of the best vegetables to grow hydroponically. They are mild in flavor, and can be consumed raw or cooked. They are also very nutritious, rich in vitamins A and C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and antioxidants. 

Kale also contains lots of fiber and aids in digestion. Kale is great for any kind of cooking, but especially sautéing. It is a gentle cooking method that does not break down the fibers in the vegetables.

Kale is one of the best vegetables to grow hydroponically because it is easy to grow and thrive well in this system. 

And just like other vegetables, you can grow kale hydroponically at home or use it as an ingredient for your favorite recipes that are being prepared at home.

Favorable temp: cool to warm. pH: 5.5 – 6.5


For the production of Spinach, you need plenty of water and fertile soil. This is because Spinach has a leaf structure that is very similar to that of lettuce; it must be kept wet at all times. And the soil you choose for growing your plant should be free of weeds and free of any harmful substances like pesticides. 

To make sure your plant receives the right amount of light, you can put it on some material like a glass plate or on some other synthetic material, which will act as its support.

You also need to make sure that you get enough water in your soil, so that your plant's roots are able to get enough nutrients. 

Once you have done all these things, then it will be time for harvesting. For harvesting Spinach you can use any type of hand tool, which will ensure that no damage is done to the leaves.

Favorable temp: cool to warm. pH: 6.0 – 7.0


Basil is one of the herbs that can be grown hydroponically. It is also the most popular herb to be grown in hydroponic system. You can grow basil in NFT or drip system. It has a fast growth and you need to trim it every week.

Basil is a perennial plant and its leaves are used as spices and as herbal medicine. Basil leaves is also used for medicinal purposes such as treatment for stomach ache, relieving cold and flu and for improving digestion and reducing flatulence. 

You can either grow basil in pots or directly on the soil. It needs lots of lights that it will receive when the plant reaches maturity. 

Favorable temp: warm. pH: 5.5 – 6.5


Mints are easy to grow with hydroponics, since their main requirements for growing are light and water. They can be planted in water-filled trays, and the growth is accelerated by the presence of plant food. These herbs generally do not need much maintenance at all, so they can be grown anywhere.

Hydroponic Mints are easier to grow than indoor plants because they are mostly odorless. They do not require special lighting or temperature control. 

Favorable temp: warm. pH: 5.5 – 6.5


Strawberries are excellent plants to grow hydroponically because they are very easy to maintain. The plants are easy to grow, they require little maintenance and produce good yields compared to most other hydroponic crops.

Strawberries are also among the most popular hydroponic fruits with commercial production. Hydroponic strawberries are grown in large-scale NFT systems by the commercial farms for decades.

However, you can still enjoy delicious fresh strawberries to feed all your family by growing them at home and harvesting the fruits all year long.

The basic requirements of all strawberries are similar, but there are differences depending on the variety you buy. All varieties will need a suitable location with good drainage and ventilation. Your strawberry plant should be provided water regularly so that it gets enough water to grow properly. 

Favorable temp: warm. pH: 6.0

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