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How to Kill Aphids on Houseplants

Houseplant, Home Tips - Aphids are tiny insects that feed the stems and leaves of your plants and slowly kill them. While they aren’t as common as some other pests, they are incredibly persistent and reproduce rapidly, making them hard to get rid of once they’ve arrived. Contrary to popular belief, they do not sting – they bite! 

Aphids can be annoying, but they aren’t nearly as disastrous as other houseplants would be. If you don’t love your houseplant (or if you have one that got into trouble and needs to be cared for), there’s an easy way to make sure that it stays healthy and does not become a problem in the future.

To get rid of aphids on your house plants you must identify which are the primary targets. First, look for the vegetative part of the plant where the aphid is feeding. If this is directly under the leaf or stem, you’ll be able to safely kill it without having to physically cut it out. If the aphid is swimming around in the soil or has filled up large hollow cavities in the wall of the pot, then it will need to be removed more directly below where it is feeding. 

How to Kill Aphids on Houseplants

There are four easy ways to get rid of aphids on houseplants. 

  1. The first is to lay out a tarp over the area where the plants are being grown. Over time, the aphids will drink through the dirt and Willows prayers (their favorite food) in the soil, dying off. 
  2. The second step is to use a strong, even liquid solution such as distilled vinegar or orange juice to mist the plants with. Don’t let anyone handle the plants while you mist them – especially kids! 
  3. Third, you can use biological pesticides to hand-pick off the plants in the spring when they are small and budding. And don’t forget about indoor plants! Use the right combination of nutrients, aeration, and temperature and they’ll come back looking much healthier than when they went out
  4. And lastly, when you think your aphids are gone, continue spraying and examining your plant regularly for an additional week or two. It’s crucial to kill every last egg, or you’ll be back to square one a few days later.

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