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National Flower of Indonesia

Flowers - In the 5th June 1990 Indonesiaan Governor make historic moment when they chose their nationals flowers. The flowers they chose as national flowers are: Moon Orchid (Phalaenopsis Amabilis), Melati (Jasminum Sambac) and Rafflesia (Rafflesia Arnoldi Indonesia)

Each of the flowers is blessed with its own qualities-The Moon Orchid is one of the longest blooming orchids, where as Jasminum Sambac which symbolizes the beauty of a girl, is commonly used in religious or cultural ceremony especially in Java and Bali and on the other hand Rafflesia is noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth.

Moon Orchid as Indonesia National Flower

Moon Orchid is a native Indonesian orchid that is called the flower of charm. The petals are 3- to 4-inch long and waxy skin covers most of the flower stalk. This flower is considered highly appreciated by the Indigenous Indonesian people and has been used as a medicine for hundreds of years. 

What makes Moon Orchid a unique and captivating flower is the way it grows. Unlike most orchids, Moon Orchid grows vertically instead of horizontally, forming tri-lobed or interwoven growth sections that give it an unusual three dimensional appearance. 

This growth pattern allows the Moon Orchid to retain its beauty throughout its lifetime despite environmental changes and threats. It is not only renowned as an engaging flower but it is considered to have medicinal properties that can be used to treat various health issues and improve overall wellness.

Today, many people around the world enjoy using Moon Orchid as an addition to their landscaping or home decor. Some even consider this as an important part of their spiritual practice.

Melati as Indonesia National Flower

Melati or as her Latin name Jasminum Sambac. As one of the grouped plants in shrubs, Melati has a height of about 0.3-3 meters. The stem is round and woody. This type of flower leaves is single type with a short leaf stalk. The flower grows by creeping and slightly “messy” and “loose”. 

This flower is commonly found in tropical and warm regions because the Jasmine plant is very fond of sunlight. There are many kinds of Melati's in Indonesia such as Javanese, Balian, and Singaporei. They have similar scent and color. 

Melati symbolizes the idea of peace and harmony in nature as it represents a harmony among all living beings. It represents faith, hope, and love as well which gives it a deep spiritual significance in Indonesia. The flower has been used as a sign of good luck and prosperity since ancient times and is often incorporated into ceremonies, architecture, and many other aspects of Indonesian life. 

The symbolism of the  Jasminum Sambac extends far beyond its physical beauty as it represents harmony between man and nature; man's use of it to decorate his house is a way to show respect for his fellow man as well as a way to appreciate nature itself.

Rafflesia Orchid as Indonesia National Flower

Rafflesia was officially recognized as a national "rare flower". This plant is an endemic plant in Sumatra, particularly in the southern part like Bengkulu, Jambi and South Sumatra.

The naming of this giant flower is connected with the history of the first discovery in 1818 in the tropical forest of Bengkulu (Sumatra), somewhere near the river Manna, Lubuk Tapi, South Bengkulu. This flower was discovered by Thomas Stamford Raffles. As a form of respect, this giant flower is named Raflessia.

The flower itself is so big as considered as the biggest flower in the world. The diameter can reach 1 meter and its weight can be more than 11 kilograms. The flower doesn’t blossom quite often in a year. It can only be found just in specific time and season.

Other Native and Popular Flowers of Indonesia

Indonesia is a country rich in natural beauty and diverse biodiversity. It offers a diverse array of environments and habitats for flora and fauna. While most visitors to Indonesia will visit resort areas and coastal areas, there is also ample opportunity for wildlife viewing in the mountains, and to see the variety of flowers that grow along the coasts. Some of the most popular flower destinations include Lombok, Cilacap, Banjaras, Seminyak, Seminyak II, Ambon, Kediri, Seminyak III, Bali Dalman, and Seminyak IV/Veliki Sukkuran Ilha Selatan.

Giving flowers to express greetings is very common in Indonesia and in order to build respect and love for the Indonesian flora and fauna, the government has declared November 5th as the national love flora and fauna day.

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